10 Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Automatic Gates

Things to Remember When Getting a Gate Installed

Before getting your gate automated from Gate Repair Woodinville you need to know a few things. Our experts have compiled a list of 10 important points to let their customers benefit from the experience. You can call our service on 425-37-41132 or visit at 14623 NE North Woodinville Way.

  1. If your gate did not work perfectly when it was manual, then you should get it repaired before getting an electric gate operator
  2. Automatic gates are not suitable for ascending surfaces. The driveway gate will be under a lot of pressure if it is installed on an upward sloping driveway and require additional equipment. Our experts suggest you do not get it installed as it may prove troublesome.
  3. Getting the correct equipment for your automatic driveway gate is essential. The manufacturer has specified a list of equipment that is perfect for the gate and any third-party equipment will damage the driveway gate and void the guarantee.
  4. If the motor of the electric gate operators is being installed underground then it needs to be fitted with drainage. The water needs a place to go because otherwise the motor cannot function properly.
  5. We highly recommend you do not try to install the gate opener by yourself. The money you save is not worth your safety and well-being. Gate Repair Woodinville will send a technician to your house to do the job.
  6. The wind should also be taken into account before getting a new gate. A close-boarded wooden driveway gate will not fare well in windy areas.
  7. Our technicians also need to know how many times the gate will be used every day so they can provide the best automated solution. You can choose a gate operator from keypads, remote controllers, ground loops and other controlling devices.
  8. Allowance needs to be made in the electric gate operator system for visitors and pedestrians. Also there should be a way to alert the homeowners if anyone is at the gate. There are a number of solutions such as intercoms, video cameras, etc. You can choose between opening one end of the gate and both ends, for pedestrians.
  9. Regular visitors such as postmen or employees can be let inside by setting the driveway gate to open for a certain time during the day. This way you will not need additional equipment and get an easy solution to the problem, however the safety of the property will be compromised.
  10. For complete driveway gate security, extra locks and bolts can be welded into the gate. This will prevent anyone from forcefully entering your home. Ask our technicians about the security option available for your type of gate while getting it installed.

Gate Repair Woodinville can install gates, gate openers as well as offer solutions to common gate issues. Electric gate repair, gate opener repair and driveway gate repair are some of the services we offer.